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The Localhands concept was founded in 2017. Our Founders were very active in projects around the house and were constantly being disappointed
by cancelled appointments, an insane spectrum of pricing for the same job and providers that were driving more than an hour away to get to a job that might be an hour or two or even less. Even the smallest jobs were either cancelled because they were too far away or the price the provider wanted was so far away
from realty,they would want $100 in travel time fees alone! We started to think that most small tasks aren’t even worth it. Then the idea for LocalHands was born.

We knew there was a need to be able to hire people quickly and easily for very small micro jobs. Travel time from job to job was a killer because in most micro jobs it takes longer to get to the job than it does to perform the job. LocalHands eliminates travel time and puts Local Background Checked providers into the hands of people that need help, on your terms. We have opened offices in both Northern California in El Dorado Hills and in Southern California in San Clemente.

We are building our network of Local Background Checked Providers to help in on your price and terms in Real Time for all your projects.
Every now and then we can all use an extra set of hands. LocalHands

The LocalHands Team

David VanderVeer
David VanderVeerCEO and Northern California GM
David is the Co-Founder of LocalHands. David has spent more than 20 years as an Entrepreneur. David has built and ran several companies over the past 20 years and has a vast array of experience. He is the founder of WebCreators.com a pioneer in the build and manage it yourself e-commerce solution. He also founded Blastis.com a cloud based Text Marketing service for small business.

David has extensive experience in the building and contracting industries and has even built his own home and was the general contractor! His years spent around the trades has given him a unique perspective as not only a home owner but as a contractor. David knows that LocalHands will not only help the consumers of these services but also the contractors and helpers as working Locally saves everyone time and money! By hiring the closest qualified worker to you everyone wins.

David enjoys watching his kids play sports, golf and snowboarding in his free time as well as hiking and kayaking with his wife Andrea.

Adam Ziegler
Adam ZieglerCMO and Southern California GM
Adam comes to LocalHands.com after working as VP of sales in marketing within the Janitorial and Cleanroom Cleaning industry. Adam has proven his marketing and sales abilities these past five years with Blastis and we’re very glad he’s with us. He possesses a very strong work ethic and has a “Do whatever it takes” kind of attitude. Adam developed his own company in the packaging and labeling industry which he ran for 10 years. Adam is an ocean enthusiast and enjoys being on it or in it. He loves Surfing, Diving, Spearfishing or Deep Sea Fishing when he’s not working or spending time with his two beautiful 9 and 10 year old daughters.
Daniel Buffington
Daniel BuffingtonCCO
Daniel has more than 25 years of business experience. Having founded the Buffington Group in Pleasanton, California. As a bay area native, Daniel is extremely well-acquainted with the Bay Area and its communities.

Daniel inherently possesses the necessary drive and determination expected on a start up technology team. Daniel’s resourceful networking and effective communication skills have played instrumental roles in his success.

Daniel strives to achieve customer satisfaction in every relationship by putting the client’s needs at the forefront of the experience.

Nicolas Thomas
Nicolas ThomasCTO
Nick has spent 15 years in software development and technical administration. Nick was part of the original team at WebCreators.com
Nick enjoys travel and playing with his childs when not writing code.