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Who We Are

Localhands was founded in Newport Beach in January 2017. We knew there was a need to be able to hire people quickly and easily for very small micro jobs. Travel time from job to job was a killer because in most micro jobs it takes longer to get to the job than it does to do the job. LocalHands eliminates travel time and puts background checked providers into the hands of people that need help.

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David VanderVeer CEO and Northern Ca. GM
Adam Ziegler CMO and Southern Ca GM
Nicolas Thomas CTO

Hire people when YOU need help not when they want to help you!

Get local help when you need it on your terms, save money by not having to pay travel costs, local helpers are ready to help you!

The Localhands app allows me to get help for anything instantly on my terms and my price! I love the background checked providers, its easy and I save money like Uber.

Nikki Lee, San Clemente, CA

Make Money helping your neighbors and people near you, full or part time!

Do you have skills, why not make some extra money working locally and on your schedule. Sign up to be a helper today!

LOCALHANDS allows me to make extra money and help out my neighbors and others locally. This is awesome and I’m meeting and helping great people!

Heather Alexander, Dana Point, CA

Real-Time Hiring of Temporary Help for anything you need!

Save time and money by hiring the closest background checked provider to you. On-Demand Micro Jobs on your schedule!

The  LocalHands App has helped me finish a bunch of household tasks and fixes that my husband could just never get to! Thanks Localhands!

Stacy Woodwich, El Dorado Hills

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and start making money or getting local help for your jobs on your schedule